Monday, December 14, 2009

A Christmas Adoption Story

Chevy Bear was finally rescued from the truck stop in Eastern Washington. She had been roaming around for several months when a Boise area truck driver contacted IDAWG about her. She was surviving on expired burritos that a truck stop worker put out for her. Chevy was shy and sort of like a feral dog...nobody could get near her except for the truck stop worker. A rescue was planned, and Chevy was captured and brought back to Boise. I fostered her. Chevy was so nervous when she arrived that I just put her in the backyard and let her come to me when she was ready....5 weeks later! Eventually, she bonded with me...a VERY tight bond. I often worried would she ever get adopted? But, as I've learned throughout my many years in rescue, God always seems to bring the right people forward. So, I gave it to God. This dog, who was so unique and had golden eyes that looked right into her soul, but would she ever become a pet? And to whom?

Then a pet sitting client of mine called and told me their yellow lab had to be put to sleep. Did I know of any other labs available? Well, I answered that I really didn't...Chevy was all I had and she had issues. But, they were free to look at her. I didn't hear back from them. Then they came and looked at her. She stared at them from the back yard. She shook when I brought her close enough for them to look at. I thought to myself...not going to happen. Then, to my surprise they called me back and said, "We'd like to try her" Wow, "What? Are you sure?" Yep. That was 4 years ago...right before Christmas.The transition was not and has not been without issues, but Chevy's family loves her and she loves them. This is the perfect family for Chevy. She shares her home with 'her pack', dad, two teen girls and a cocker spaniel. And, I get to dog sit her. When she comes over she cries with excitement for the first 5 minutes. Melts my heart. Miracles do happen...this was a Christmas miracle...Chevy, the unadoptable black dog with the beautiful golden eyes, got adopted.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

People I'm Thankful For....

There have been so many special people who've helped me in my business along the way. There's Joan and Kelley...two good friends who rescue dogs and have send so many people my way for pet care. There's Dee at I.H.S. who has been so supportive of my business and efforts to help dogs. And there's Kim, the groomer who transforms matted dogs into beautiful creatures. Thanks to all of them for the things they do to help animals and for their support and friendship.