Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good-Bye Mr. Yang

Yang was the beloved kitty of one of our new clients. Yang ended up in the ER the second day we visited him. He was diabetic and things were not going well. After five days on fluids, Yang came home. He improved steadily for the next two weeks, and then started going down hill again. His owner tried everything and then got the diagnoses that Yang had terminal cancer. The tough decision was made to let Yang go. As a pet sitter, death of a pet is always hard on me and elicits tears every time. I knew Yang for a short time, but his royal nature grabbed at my heart strings. I will miss him. Thanks to All Valley Animal Hospital for their compassion and care for Mr. Yang.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Endings

This is Mack, the 5 year old wire fox terrier, getting his new family. The guy holding Mack (white dog) had to give him up. The other family was so delighted to get him. He is doing great and fitting right in. These moments are bittersweet, but overall, Mack got a happy forever home where he will be loved and cherished. Yeah Mack!

Poor Alex

My little foster dog, Alex, has had his world turned upside down lately. Last week he flew from Phoenix to Reno, was boarded at a kennel for two days, and then hitched a ride from Reno to Boise on Saturday. He was just starting to relax in his new foster home, when, last night he got a bath. And then this morning, he didn't get breakfast. If that weren't bad enough, Alex then got dropped off at All Valley Animal Hospital in Meridian, ID to be neutered through the wonderful SNIP program. What is going on? This little guy must be beside himself...if only his owner hadn't died and sent him on this 'adventure'. Well, Alex will come home tonight missing his two precious jewels. Bad week! The good news is that a home visit has been completed and it looks like Alex will head out to Seattle next week...where he can relax, finally, with his forever home. I hope they have a nice Costco bed waiting for him!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pilots n Paws Rocks!

Problem: A wonderful 6 year old wire fox terrier needs a new home. His name is Alex and he is in Phoenix. Alex has been tossed around since his owner diet. A foster home is available in Boise. How do we get Alex from Phoenix to Boise? Hmmm, we've got a problem!
Solution: Pilots n Paws to the rescue!

I posted a request to the pilots who volunteer through and within a day I had several offers to get Alex flown to me! Jack Wood, a wonderful volunteer pilot, flew Mr. Alex from Phoenix to Reno. Alex is being boarded there until Kelley Moore picks him up on Saturday and drives him back to Boise.

I would like to thank not only Jack Wood, but my wonderful rescue folk volunteers on the Phoenix and Reno end of this transport. Follow my blog for updates on Alex. He gets neutered on Tuesday (ouch!) and then will be available for adoption. Cool!!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Burmese Mountain Dog Weekend

When it rains it pours! Between my sitters and me (The Pet Sitter, LLC), we are caring for 4 Burmese Mountain dogs between two families. They are really wonderful dogs! Big teddy bears! When we are out walking them, people come up to see them. They are like people magnets because they are so incredibly cute! They just make me so happy....they are big, lovable creatures. If you haven't seen one, look them up...they are cool dogs!

Bernese Mountain Dog

Read more about Bernese Mountain Dog information at

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This is Bella, my latest foster dog. She is a 1 year old border collie mix. She is all border collie in personality....curious, playful, and smart. She is smart enough to ignore any command I give her. She is truly a blank slate. My friend, Joan Smith, president of IDAWG, says Bella is her kind of dog. Joan thinks she has all the cool border collie traits and has potential in agility and herding and all that border collie stuff. It will be fun watching her blossom.