Monday, December 14, 2009

A Christmas Adoption Story

Chevy Bear was finally rescued from the truck stop in Eastern Washington. She had been roaming around for several months when a Boise area truck driver contacted IDAWG about her. She was surviving on expired burritos that a truck stop worker put out for her. Chevy was shy and sort of like a feral dog...nobody could get near her except for the truck stop worker. A rescue was planned, and Chevy was captured and brought back to Boise. I fostered her. Chevy was so nervous when she arrived that I just put her in the backyard and let her come to me when she was ready....5 weeks later! Eventually, she bonded with me...a VERY tight bond. I often worried would she ever get adopted? But, as I've learned throughout my many years in rescue, God always seems to bring the right people forward. So, I gave it to God. This dog, who was so unique and had golden eyes that looked right into her soul, but would she ever become a pet? And to whom?

Then a pet sitting client of mine called and told me their yellow lab had to be put to sleep. Did I know of any other labs available? Well, I answered that I really didn't...Chevy was all I had and she had issues. But, they were free to look at her. I didn't hear back from them. Then they came and looked at her. She stared at them from the back yard. She shook when I brought her close enough for them to look at. I thought to myself...not going to happen. Then, to my surprise they called me back and said, "We'd like to try her" Wow, "What? Are you sure?" Yep. That was 4 years ago...right before Christmas.The transition was not and has not been without issues, but Chevy's family loves her and she loves them. This is the perfect family for Chevy. She shares her home with 'her pack', dad, two teen girls and a cocker spaniel. And, I get to dog sit her. When she comes over she cries with excitement for the first 5 minutes. Melts my heart. Miracles do happen...this was a Christmas miracle...Chevy, the unadoptable black dog with the beautiful golden eyes, got adopted.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

People I'm Thankful For....

There have been so many special people who've helped me in my business along the way. There's Joan and Kelley...two good friends who rescue dogs and have send so many people my way for pet care. There's Dee at I.H.S. who has been so supportive of my business and efforts to help dogs. And there's Kim, the groomer who transforms matted dogs into beautiful creatures. Thanks to all of them for the things they do to help animals and for their support and friendship.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Funny Face the Turtle

Always something new with pet sitting! I got my first turtle client...Funny Face the Russian tortoise. While I really thought this would be a really boring gig, I was wrong! She is actually quite fun. I went to see her on Saturday. She was burrowed under some dirt, keeping warm under her heat lamp. I was instructed to fill her water tub with a couple inches of water and to let her splash about as I cleaned her aquarium. Well, that was really cute...she gentle splashed about and I enjoyed watching her little feet and heat move around. When I put her back, she was hungry. Have you ever seen a turtle eat? Too funny! She was a little prehistoric piglet...chomp chomp. It's hard to describe it exactly, but let's say I was really entertained by my little friend. Now if I could get interested in tadpoles and frogs!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rufus - The Ugly Guy

Rufus is visiting me for a few days. He is a former foster dog that was adopted by a wonderful couple. Rufus is one of the most unique looking dogs I've ever fostered. He is a German Shepherd/pitbull/?? mix. He is really quite unattractive (hey, they can't all be cute and gorgeous!). Rufus spent 6 months in 'the system'...first months in the shelter and then in the IDAPI dog. Fortunately, Dee at the shelter, gave him a new lease on life when she chose him for the program (which, by the way, he excelled in). Even his owner told me that when they take Rufus to the dog park, people are actually rude enough to comment on how unattractive he is! Can you believe it?! Rufus' body has a strange downward slant to it too...he must have some very high-end German Shepherd breeding in him. But the thing is, his adopters must have seen through his looks, because this is one really great dog! He gets along great with other dogs, is playful, but not hyper, and is just a really nice, balanced dog. They don't even crate him at home. He is really loyal and sweet too. So, well, yay Rufus! You found a nice life, and you deserve it!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meet Nigel....Yellow Lab Available for adoption

Well, I was foster-less for a nanosecond! Now I have Nigel, a one year old yellow lab. He is really super sweet, and full of energy! But, he settles down nicely inside and is a gentle, well-behaved, people-pleasing boy. Right now my focus is getting weight on this guy. He is really skinny. I've got him eating 5 cups a day...which he gobbles up. He is headed to San Francisco, where he will be placed by the highly reputable Golden Gate rescue.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Bobbie is my foster dog. She is a 2 year old black lab. She was used for breeding and then dumped. She is such a cutie! She was very shy and unsocialized when I got her, but slowly her personality has come through. I think she was a little angry at first too, as she would fight with other dogs at my house (no injuries, thankfully). Confused and scared, it took Bobbie a little while to settle in. Now she is reliving her puppy years I think. She is playful and wiggles her butt when she gets excited. If you know anyone wanting a wonderful black lab companion, please have them contact me. Bobbie is a rare gem of a dog.

Quiet Time in Pet Sitting

The past couple of weeks have been eerily quiet. This is a slow time of year for pet sitting. People are laying low before the holidays. I call it the quiet before the storm. I am savoring the time alone with my dogs and few emails coming in. This is a great time to recharge and relax. My dogs, Nikki and Lucy, are enjoying having mom home. I think I will take them to the Nampa dog park this weekend. If you haven't been there, I highly recommend going. It is 6 acres of fenced, grassy land. Nampa should get a gold metal for pulling this off. It's not easy to find a good location, get the surrounding neighbors to allow it, and to get the funds to get it up and running and keep it maintained...thus Boise has failed to get a dog park as nice...not for lack of effort by many groups.

So, everyone....follow my example...lay low, enjoy some rest and relaxation before the holiday madness begins!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mork and Mindy

Mork and Mindy are two wonderful dogs that Stacy and I take turns walking. Mindy is s collie mix and Mork is probably a corgi/terrier mix. What a fun duo they are! Mindy is very strong and is usually waiting by the gate for us. Mork is usually in the house, but it doesn't take much to get him up and going. I think Stacy shocked Mork the first few see, Stacy is a runner! Mindy loves to run, but Mork...not so much! He is getting in the groove now though.

Since Stacy is their primary walker, she has more stories than I do, so check back for posts from her.

Yesterday, M&M and I got out for our walk around 3:40. There was a lot of activity around the school we walk by and just a lot of people out and about enjoying the day. M&M both picked up some goat heads ....nasty, prickly, terrible little seeds (I guess) that really hurt! We survived that patch, thankfully.

Today's walk was really was 60 and this weather lately! Mork got pretty excited about a Viszla in a back yard we passed. Mindy wasn't as interested...she just likes to walk on...c'mon Mork....let's go!

Both dogs are really shaping up...hopefully, I will do the same (-;

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My New Foster, Tana

Got my new foster dog today...Tana. She is supposedly a cattle dog mix. I say she is a yellow lab mixed with something small. She is too cute! She looks like a yellow lab puppy. She is one year old and just graduated from the Idaho Humane Society IDAPI prison training program. I was touched by the inmate's comment..."Tana has changed my heart. There is a gentleness in her that's almost magical...thank you for bringing her here!" Looks like the IDAPI program is working!

Mr. Boots

Mr. Boots is one of my favorite kitties to visit. OK...I say that about all my client pet friends, don't I? I really do love Boots though! He is a funny guy. When I arrived this weekend, Boots came down from upstairs to greet me. I knew exactly where he the bathtub. You see, Boots loves playing in the little puddle of water his owner keeps in the bathtub for him. And sure enough, Boots' paws were wet! We went back upstairs and I refreshed his puddle...oh glory! Next, I picked Boots up and he pressed into my chest as he always does... gotta get the sweet cuddles in. Such a love this boy is! Onto treats and more snuggles and play-time. It was nice to get a Boots' fix this weekend...such a buddy.

Daisy and Dexter

Daisy and Dexter are frequent visitors to my home. They are quite a pair! Daisy is a yellow lab/golder retriever mix who is the older sister. She is 5 years old. She was happily an only child until her owners decided to give her a brother, Dexter. Dexter is an English Setter....a very hyper English Setter! He is now 2 years old going on 6 months. He is very active and runs and plays non-stop while he is at my house. The good thing is that Dex is either on or off. At bed-time, Dex crashes and does not wake up until morning. Daisy...poor Daisy, has taken it upon herself to protect her little brother. She barks as he plays. She always has a serious look on her face. I know she is exhausted after a weekend of monitoring Dexter! Don't get me wrong, I love this duo! They add energy and excitement to my house. They just went home, and the energy level in my home decreased by 90%! The other dogs are now crashed and sleeping.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


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