Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Cutest Puppy in the World!

I recently had the honor and priviledge to foster the cutest puppy in the world...Rosie Posie! She is an 8 month old wire fox terrier female puppy who was relinquished because her 73 year old owner did not see any humor in Rosie's terrier antics! It does take a warped person to appreciate a wire fox terrier puppy...I am one of those people. Rosie got a wonderful home with a couple in Seattle...where she continues to challenge her new owners....good thing she is so dang cute! Yay Rosie!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lost Dog...We're Bummed....

My sister's dog ran away from their home in Prosper, TX on May 18. She normally stays very close, so everyone is stunned by her disappearance. My sister posted flyers everywhere, but there has been only one sighting. If anyone has any advice, please respond to this post. Thanks.

Holiday Pet Sitting

I just finished a busy weekend of pet sitting. It was Memorial Day weekend. It was exhausting, but really fun as I had some dogs to walk and that always gets me out and about, which is a good thing. I wonder if other pet sitters enjoy the cat or the dog clients better. I can say that I have my favorites, both cats and dogs, but I do like the added bonus that I get from the dog jobs. I get paid to get some exercise. How cool is that? Dog walking is always enjoyable, except if it is too cold or rainy. I am fortunate that all of my dog walking clients live in nice walking areas, such as Park Center, Boise's North End, or just nice subdivisions with good walking paths.

I had another unexpected adventure this weekend. I walked into one home and into a flood! The line going to the toilet in the master bathroom had burst and the bedroom carpet was saturated. What a mess. I called the owner and he got a professional service out to handle the damage, which was pretty extensive to the bathroom, bedroom, and walk in closet. Good thing he had a pet sitter coming in...this happened on Sunday and he wasn't getting in until Wednesday!

Other than that, the weekend went pretty smoothly. Now comes summer...I'm already pretty booked up for the summer and I think it's going to be a busy one!

Bobbie's New Friend

Bobbie made a new friend, Patrick. He came over and walked her and played with her as part of his community service project. It was very cute. She really seemed to like Patrick...a kid...something she doesn't see around my house very often.

We went to the park near my house and Bobbie got to run around and have a great time. There were other dogs there and she played with them a little, but mostly just enjoyed running around with Nikki.

Thanks for your help Patrick!