Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm Back

Hi There,

It's been awhile since I've blogged. It's not for lack of material to write about, that's for sure! The truth is that I've just been busy. While there is usually a lag in pet sitting after Christmas, this was not the case this year. I'm thankful to have great, active clients who don't let a little snow and cold slow them down. In fact, it seemed to motivate them even more to either get out and enjoy it or get out of Dodge...into tropical climates! Ah, yes, I do live vicariously through my pet sitting clients. Some day I will start checking off the items on my bucket list....inspired by reports you all have given me of great places to see or experience!

Back to pet sitting....I'm sorry to say I experienced the first pet dieing on my watch. Yep, that's right...besides a few baby African frogs and a beta fish, a real mammal died on me. Chantal the kitty. She was very old...blind, deaf, thin. She lived for two things...breakfast and dinner! I admired her great attitude...she just kept going and did not think about her body breaking down. So, I did not think too much about Chantal looking a bit droopy the Friday that I went to care for her and her kitty siblings. I noticed that she had gotten even thinner since I saw her a few weeks prior. I put her wet food down in front of her, and she ate it all up, so I figured she was fine. Before I left, I put her into her little bed, as I always did, because she can't see. Well, the next morning, she was dead in her bed. She had passed away in the night. I called her owners to let them know. They were not surprised. We were all thankful that she died in her sleep, apparently peacefully. So, I hope that's the only pet the dies while in my care.

Back to pet sitting. I could fill this blog with the stories that happen daily, and I will try to do that this summer. For now, I'll just say I'm back....stay tuned!

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