Friday, July 16, 2010

Here Comes the Weekend!

I guess I'm an odd person. I love a busy pet sitting weekend, like the one coming up. My day will start at 5:30 because I have three sets of dogs that need to get out first thing in the morning. First, I will go see my buddy, Fred. Fred is a 12 year old Pointer that acts like a puppy. Fred loves his tennis ball. When he's not chasing it, he keeps it on top of his dry food in his dish. Fred and I will go down to the common area with the tennis ball and Chuck-It. As much as Fred loves the whole fetching thing, he's only good for about 2 throws these days. After he fetches it for the second time, he runs home. He's so funny. He is definitely a dog that loves routine.

Next on my agenda are four dogs in Kuna...all beautiful, sweet boxers. Ike, Max, Lulu, and Sadie. They are crated in the garage at night, so I like to get there as late as possible at night and as early as possible in the morning so they don't have to hold it. (-; They have a huge, 1 acre shaded back yard that they get to romp around in all day long. Ike is so sweet. He likes to follow me around. I also walk the dogs. After my Kuna stop, it's off to Chinden and Eagle to let Pistol and Simba out of their crates. One of my other sitters crates them up at 10 pm, so they are crated the minimal amount of time as well. Pistol and Simba are Brittany Spaniels. They are very well trained, but Pistol is high strung. I usually let Simba have time in the back yard while I take Pistol for a walk. I really enjoy walking Pistol.

That is just the start of my pet sitting day tomorrow. After the dogs, I continue on my route to care for cats and I also have two new client consultations, one for chickens! Yeah! My first job as a chicken sitter! I get to collect eggs and everything! Stay tuned!.

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  1. The dogs, cats (and chickens, etc) are lucky to have you! Sounds like a fun weekend for all of you!