Friday, July 16, 2010

My Sister's New Dog

If you follow my blog, you read about my sister's missing dog. Bonnie ran away on May 18, and despite tons of effort put in to find her, they came up empty handed.

A week ago I sent my sister a found dog listing from a shelter in Dallas, near where they live. The dog was very shaggy, but my sister thought it might be Bonnie. She jumped in the car and went down to the shelter to see. She was heart broken when she got there and it was not Bonnie. But, through a series of jumping through hoops, she was able to adopt the dog, now named Zoe Chloe.

I am happy to report that Zoe is adapting to the busy household. They figure she was owned by a senior person in a quiet home, because she is still quite nervous when things get active. But, she is doing well overall.

Zoe Chloe loves chasing water from the hose. Hopefully, some day she will learn to play with toys and fetch balls too!

Welcome home Zoe Chloe!

The first picture is of ZC riding home from the shelter. The other one is ZC meeting her brother, Fritz for the first time.


  1. So happy for your sister and for Zoe!

  2. Wow, Julie, you really have an active petsitting life. I'm glad it's not me! I would never be able to do all that. I get tired just reading about your adventures.
    June Disotell

  3. Zoe's in for an exciting life. Tracy's three boys keep things very busy at their house. I hope Bonnie comes home soon. It is so strange that she disappeared the way she did. Not in her character at all.